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12 Aug
American Folklife Center fight won -- A postscript from Joe Wilson

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Subject: American Folklife Center fight won -- A postscript from Joe Wilson

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...  the relevant document is amendment no. 5112 of the conference report
of the House and Senate on the Legislative Appropriations for FY1997.  Mr.
Thomas got his pound of flesh; the re-authorization is for two years rather
than the permanent re-authorization that Mr. Hatfield had offered.  So we
win, but we get to fight again.  That's okay, it keeps us on our toes.  As
for it not being posted; humans do that and there's so much happening now
that it will probably be a few days before the on-line postings catch up.
And if by some odd stroke HR 3491 did come to the floor of the Senate and
House on its own and passed (which is highly unlikely), it would be
subjected to a Bill Clinton veto.  He vetoed the whole Legislative
Appropriation last year; this would be an apple pie opportunity.  So this
seems over until we take on the next Congress for permanent authorization.
Lest anyone mistake who our adverseries were; let it be known that this
attack on the AFC originated in the Library.  It came from the Librarian's
office and the administration of the Center was involved.  The Center's
Board, appointed by the Congressional leadership, was not informed.  The
process was akin to mushroom farming: "keep 'em in the dark, feed 'em
bullshit." Some harebrained freshmen members were enlisted; the intent was
to transfer the Center's funds to a pet project, the digital library.  They
lost and also pissed off some important members of Congress.  Did they learn
anything? Everyone is now kissy-huggy, putting it behind them.  But I've
been in Gotham by the Potomac for 20 years, privately employed, a
not-so-silent witness to such matters.  And I believe that all the things
worth having must be won by every generation - and sometimes every year.
Safety?  We get that in the cemetary.  Joe Wilson

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