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12 Aug
URL O' The Day - 8/12/96

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From: Peter Langston <psl>
Date: Mon, 12 Aug 96 13:23:19 -0700
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Subject: URL O' The Day - 8/12/96

Forwarded-by: Keith Bostic <>
From: Ray Shea <>

I got some unsolicited email telling me that "our records indicate that
you are a qualified voter", and told me to check out this web site.  I
went there looking for the name of someone to flame for spamming my work
account, and got sucked into the sheer lunacy of their web page.

The way I figure it, these folks are either:

  1. running some kind of multilevel marketing scam disguised as a
     political group.
  2. trolling for idiots who would actually type in their credit
     card number.
  3. totally nuts.

I'm leaning toward #3...


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