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14 Aug
Intel News Flash -- Finally!

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Date: Wed, 14 Aug 96 16:27:53 -0700
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Subject: Intel News Flash -- Finally!

[Forwards?  What forwards?  -psl]
Excerpted-from: 08/14/96......BRIEFINGS......BRIEFINGS........08/14/96
     Intel BRIEFINGS many times contains confidential information. Your
     judgment is needed on the dissemination of its contents. Do not post.


     Starting January 1, 1997, U.S. Intel employees with same-sex domestic
     partners will be allowed to enroll their partners, as well as any
     eligible children, in the Intel medical and dental plans, and in other
     benefits programs.

     Intel general managers have been briefed about this extension of
     benefits, and the U.S. employee base will be informed through "Intel
     This Week" on August 15.  The October edition of "T-Comp News" will
     provide additional information about the change and how to take
     advantage of it through the annual Open Enrollment process.

     The change was made because the issue has become a competitive one for
     Intel, as well as for other companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Oracle
     and Silicon Graphics.  The decision to extend benefits eligibility
     supports Intel's imperative to provide competitive benefits that
     attract top talent and retain key performers in a highly competitive
     and changing business environment.

     It is estimated that about one percent of our employee base will take
     advantage of this extension of benefits, and that the cost will range
     from $0.3 to $1.3 million.  This represents about 0.5 percent of
     Intel's U.S. medical care costs.  Intel does not expect the change to
     have any impact on the premiums which employees pay for family





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