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15 Aug
Word O' The Day

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For those of you wondering where the term "anchor" came from..."60
Minutes" executive producer Don Hewitt knows: He coined the term 44 years
ago at the 1952 political conventions in Chicago with former CBS News
president Sig Mickelson.  "We had this new broadcaster named Walter
Cronkite," he said, "along with Doug Edwards, John Daly and Quincy Howe.
Cronkite was our best guy, and so when we planned our coverage, one of us
said- I think it was me- 'Cronkite will do the anchor leg' like on a relay
team. It has nothing to do with boats," Hewitt said.  "These days, some
local stations have a guy who goes outside.  The call him a 'floating
anchor.'  The most ridiculous thing I've ever heard."  (USA Today)

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