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16 Aug
The Preacher's Bike

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Subject: The Preacher's Bike

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Two preachers, one old, one young, always rode their bicycles together  to
their respective churches. One day the younger one was walking.  The older
preacher asked why. The young preacher answered "I'm embarrassed to say it,
but someone from my congregation stole it. I am so diappointed in them."

The older preacher said, "I'll tell you what to do. Preach a hell fire and
brimstone service. Then recite the 10 commandments, one by one. When you
get to thou shalt not steal, look them each in the eye and you will know
who did it."

The next Monday the young preacher was riding his bike. The older preacher
crowed "I knew it!  It worked! Tell me about it."

After much prodding,  the young preacher agreed to tell. "I did what you
said. I recited the 10 commandments. When I got to "thou shalt not commit
adultry, I remembered where I left it."

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