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20 Aug
The Toucans and Breakfast Bird Poop

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From: Peter Langston <psl>
Date: Tue, 20 Aug 96 02:04:30 -0700
To: Fun_People
Subject: The Toucans and Breakfast Bird Poop

From: Jef Jaisun <>

Date: Mon, 19 Aug 1996 23:15:12 -0700
From: eljefe <eljefe>

Dear Kellogs:

I'm delighted you folks are still making life miserable for that smarmy
steel band in Seattle over your "trademark infringement." I ALWAYS
confuse my breakfast cereal with tropical rhumbas. Why, just last week I
almost choked on a CD wrapper that I mistook for Rice Krispies because
the cellophane went snap, crackle and pop when I removed it from the
jewel box. So, go get 'em, boys. Crush 'em like Grape Nuts! Ooops...
that's Post, huh? Well, you know what I mean -- go out there are show
them that Trix aren't just for kids anymore! Ooops... heh-heh... that's
General Mills. Gee, maybe brand loyalty isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Say, while you're at it, how about going after Exxon for the tiger in
their tank? Or the Detroit Tigers? You never know when someone will
confuse baseball or Unleaded Regular with Sugar Frosted Flakes. I also
think you'd better get a restraining order against the Ku Klux Klan, just
in case they decide to call themselves "Special KKK."

Best wishes,

Jef Jaisun

P.S. Is it true that your logo really represents 666, the Mark of the
Beast? You'd better change that, because my religious beliefs won't allow
me to buy anything that symbolizes the Devil.

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