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22 Aug
The Comedian's Eye View from 8/23/96

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Date: Thu, 22 Aug 96 17:47:44 -0700
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Subject: The Comedian's Eye View from 8/23/96

Excerpted-fromt: 8/23/96 -- ShopTalk

In the news: Alex Pearlstein, on the new minimum wage law being signed into
law: "It was a touching moment, although sort of annoying.  I got caught in
drive-through lane during the employee's moment of silence."

Adds Cutler Daily Scoop: "It will initially go up 50 cents an hour.  That's
five dimes for those of you who work for Kathie Lee."

Jay Leno, on Ross Perot asking for campaign donations from American people:
"For $15, you can join Perot's national organization and think like him.
Or for $8, you can go to Supercuts and just look like him."

David Letterman, on Bill Clinton helping rebuild a church in Tennessee:
"Chelsea helped put down the floors, President Clinton was working on the
roof and Hillary shredded the blueprints."

Jerry Perisho, on Bob Dole's "bounce" in the polls: "Research shows that
there hasn't been a GOP presidential candidate bounce like this since Gerald
Ford tripped getting off Air Force One."

Adds Alan Ray: "Some credit Dole's bounce to his reaching out to minority
Republicans.  Those making under $300,000 a year."

Among the top 10 things overheard at President Clinton's 50th birthday
party, according to Letterman:

 "It's time to play pin the subpoena on Hillary."

 "Is that his age or his pants size?"

 "Thank God there's no lamp shade here big enough to fit Ted Kennedy's head."

 "He just finished cake number one- wheel out the backup!"

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