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27 Aug
WhiteBoardness - 8/26

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Excerpted-from: WhiteBoard News for Monday, August 26, 1996

London, England:

Worried about sex with space aliens, maybe after a trip to "Independence

A British broker claimed Monday to be the first insurer in the world to
offer a policy against impregnation by beings from another planet.

Specialist broker Goodfellow Rebecca Ingrams Pearson (GRIP) said for $155
a year, adults living in Britain could insure against two sorts of
extraterrestrial interference.

Abduction by aliens would net the victim about $160,000.  Impregnation --
a risk against which both men and women can insure -- would double that sum.

"I personally would not buy a policy of this nature because I don't think
the risk is commensurate with the premium," said Simon Burgess, GRIP
managing director.  "But if there is a fear of these things out there, we
are justified in offering to cover people against them."

Some U.S. insurers, cashing in on the box-office movie phenomenon
"Independence Day" and on recent evidence that life may have existed on
Mars, have offered policies covering abduction by aliens.

But until now, Burgess said, it has been impossible to insure against being
impregnated by a being from another planet.

"Inmates are just like people on the outside.  Some, you can get their
attention; some are just knotheads."

Ray Little, warden of the William S. Key Correction Center, a minimum prison
in northwestern Oklahoma.

Little, 45, has risen from ex-convict to the job of warden.

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