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27 Aug
Klingons at RepubliCon

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Subject: Klingons at RepubliCon

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The IKV Stranglehold is a KAG Bird of Prey patrolling the San
Diego, California area, under the command of LtCdr. K'Han Den.
Our emphasisis on performance at various Terran functions.

convention report: the Stranglehold goes to RepubliCon

San Diego, CA, August 12-15

This was a very strange con. To start with, whoever heard of scheduling a
convention Monday through Thursday? (It was surprisingly well-attended, even
so.) No-one wore any costumes we could recognize. None of the panel
discussions were on topics having anything to do with science fiction or
fandom. Instead they spoke of raising attacks (against whom?) and exacting
a penalty on deaths (I'm not sure if that is all deaths, or dishonourable
deaths, or what?). People kept asking us to join their party, but they never
told us which room it was in.

Still, we forged on. No-one seemed to know what Klingons are, but they were
still very excited to see us. "The space aliens have landed," we kept
hearing, and "I knew they'd be Republicans!" (Whatever those are -- sounds
suspiciously similar to 'Romulans' to me.) Lots of people had their pictures
taken with us, but these men in black kept confiscating the cameras.

As always, our female crewmembers were very popular. Several of the
attendees admired the riding crops carried by C'Hani and Kahlee, and kept
asking if we believed in Corporal Punishment.  (Who is he?)

All in all, it was a very strange con.
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