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28 Aug
Mommy, where do Baby Ruths come from?

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Subject: Mommy, where do Baby Ruths come from?

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	The Birth of Baby Ruth

One Payday, Mr. Goodbar wanted a Bit-O-Honey, so he took Miss Hershey behind
the Powerhouse on the corner of 5th Avenue and Clark, where he began to feel
her Mounds, and that was an Almond Joy which definitely made his Tootsie
Roll. He let out a Snicker as he slipped his Buttefinger up her Kit-Kat,
which, of course, caused a Milky Way. She screamed, "O'Henry!" as she
squeezed his Peter Paul and Zagnuts, and said, "You're better than Three
Musketeers." She soon became A Bit Chunky and some months later ---- gave
birth to a Baby Ruth!

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