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28 Aug
Competition among golfers and the monster drive...

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Subject: Competition among golfers and the monster drive...

[If you're a golfer you should skip this little explanatory note...
 But non-golfers should be told that a "mulligan" is basically a free shot,
 typically given if you hit an errant shot (e.g. into the woods).  -psl]

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This comes from Bill Buchanan:

Two couples of avid golfers go out for 18 holes.  The men, riding together,
stop at the first tee, the women drive on down the fairway to the ladies'

The first man steps up to the tee, and hits a monster drive, about 275 yards
down the center of the fairway.  The next man, not to be outdone in front
of [or behind] the women, cranks up and swings from the heels.  However, he
hooks his drive badly, toward the two women.  The ball smacks one of the
women in the head, and she falls down, dead as Julius Caesar.

Later, the county coroner is questioning the men.  He says, "The cause of
death is obvious, a major brain trauma, caused by the golf ball.  In fact,
the ball is still imbedded in her brain.  However, there is something else
that we are puzzle by.  Upon examination, we found that there is also a golf
ball imbedded in her vagina."

The second man replies, "Oh, I guess that would be my mulligan."

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