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4 Sep
WhiteBoardness - 9/4/96

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Excerpted-from: WhiteBoard News for Wednesday, September 04, 1996

This item comes by way of John DeVere:

Charleston, West Virginia:

An elementary school principal was arrested in drag on charges he
propositioned two undercover police officers for sex, offering his services
for a lower price than a female competitor.

George S. Meadows, 55, who was photographed by police in a wig and lipstick,
and the woman were charged with soliciting prostitution after the two
propositioned the two male officers Sunday, Sgt. Randy Young said.

Meadows offered to undercut the woman's price for oral sex, Young said.

He was suspended without pay from Sylvia Elementary School in Beckley for
a month pending a school board investigation.

"It's very unfortunate that these things happen ...  What do you say to a
6-year-old?" said Superintendent Dwight Dials. "He's been a principal for
17 years."

Co-workers said Meadows was a good principal.

"He looked out for his teachers and he took good care of his kids," said
fourth-grade teacher Bessie Lively.

Meadows is the father of two sons. It was not immediately known if he was

He faces a Thursday hearing for the charge, which as a first offense is
punishable by a $550 fine.

Juneau, Alaska:

Dave Smith, assistant manager of Bullwinkle's Pizza Parlor in Juneau,
thought the guy who walked in soaking wet from head to toe Thursday night
was one of the 50 volunteers who had been searching for a Seattle man
missing for three days near Mount Juneau.

"He ordered a 13-inch deluxe pizza and I asked him if he was searching, and
he said 'No, I am that guy,'" Smith recalled.

"Then he said, 'Could you make that pizza real quick? I've been eating
berries for three days.'

"He called the police to let them know he was safe," Smith said, "then he
took the pizza to go because he was real interested in a shower."

Alaska state troopers said Robert Wells, 38, a Seattle electrician, walked
out of the wilderness 7 miles from Juneau after a three-day ordeal,
hitchhiked to town and called 911 from Bullwinkle's to tell everyone that
he was safe.

Friday, Wells went back to Bullwinkle's and ordered fifteen 19-inch pizzas.
Not for himself, though.  He tossed a party for all the people who labored
to rescue him.

San Francisco, California:

Nude dancers at a San Francisco club have voted to become the only unionized
strippers in the United States, labor officials said Friday.

Employees of the Lusty Lady club voted 57-15 to join a union in a National
Labor Relations Board election, a spokeswoman for Local 790 of the Service
Employees International Union said.

Strippers at a San Diego club set up an open union shop several years ago,
but the club is no longer unionized, union officials said.

The dancers have demands on various issues, including job security, working
conditions, sick leave and health insurance.

"We're workers.  Our work is to be a sex object, but that doesn't mean that
we shouldn't be guaranteed certain basic protections and rights," a dancer
at the club told a radio station interviewer last week.

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