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9 Sep
QOTD '88

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  Why people pay $1,000 per plate for rubber chicken-in-sauce.

    Bush-watchers' favorite gaffe came at a Republican rally in Twain Falls,
Idaho, where the Vice President [George Bush] was discussing the closeness
of his relationship with President Reagan.  "I have worked alongside of him,
and I'm proud to be his partner," said Bush solemnly.  "We have had triumphs,
we have had mistakes, we have had sex.  ..."  There was a moment of stunned
silence in the audience, and then Bush hastened to correct himself: "We have
had setbacks." And as people roared with laughter, he signed: "I feel like
a javelin thrower who won the coin toss and elected to receive."

		From: Presidential Campaigns, by Paul Boller Jr.
		Chap. 51, Trivial Pursuit: Bush vs. Dukakis, page 384.

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