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10 Sep
BMMPOTD - 9/10/96

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Two whales, a male and a female, were swimming around one day when they
spotted a ship.  "Hey!" said the male, "that's the ship that killed my
father!  Grrrr! Let's take in a bunch of air, swim under the ship and blow
it out of the water with our blow holes!"  And so they did, and the ship
came crashing back down to the surface of the ocean, disintegrated and sank,
leaving the surviving sailors treading water for dear life.

"Feel better now?" the female asked.  "Not really," said the male.  "After
all, it wasn't the ship that killed my father, it was the sailors. I think
we should eat them!"  "Now wait just a minute," said the female. "A blow
job is one thing, but I am not swallowing the seamen!"

[Yes; BMMPOTD is Bad Marine Mammal Pun Of The Day...  -psl]

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