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11 Sep
Happy New Year!

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Subject: Happy New  Year!

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On Rosh Hassanah (the Jewish New Year), we have a service called Taslich
(throwing) where we symbolically cast our sins away by throwing bread into
the water. Rabbi Tilson explains:

"Some people have asked what they are supposed to throw into the water.
 Here are suggestions:

 For ordinary sins, use - White Bread
 For exotic sins - French or Italian bread
 For dark sins - Pumpernickle
 For complex sins - Multi-grain
 For truly warped sins - Pretzels
 For sins of indecision - Waffles
 For sins commited in haste - Matzah
 For substance abuse - Poppy Seed
 For commiting arson - Toast
 For being ill-tempered - Sourdough
 For silliness - Nut bread
 For not giving full value - Short bread
 For political chauvinism -Yankee Doodles
 For excessive use of irony - Rye Bread
 For continual bad jokes - Corn Bread
 For hardening our hearts - Jelly doughnuts"

[Have a Happy, Healthy, and Sweet New Year!  -psl]

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