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13 Sep
"Jesus is watching" said the voice...

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Subject: "Jesus is watching" said the voice...

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A burglar broke into a house and was sneaking around in the dark when he
heard a voice say, "Jesus is watching".  He stopped dead in his tracks and
listened carefully for a minute or two.  He heard nothing, so he started to
move again.  "Jesus is watching," came the voice in the dark.  His eyes were
adjusting to the light and he noticed a cage in the corner containing a
parrot.  "Hey, bird, was that you talking?" he whispered.  "Yes," said the
parrot.  "What's your name little bird?" asked the burglar as he began
rummaging through the silver drawer.  "'Pontius Pilate,'" said the parrot.
"Who would name a parrot 'Pontius Pilate?'" wondered the burglar aloud.
The parrot cackled and said, "The same person who named the Rottweiller

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