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Weirdness [446] - 23Aug96

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Excerpted-from: WEIRDNUZ.446 (News of the Weird, August 23, 1996)
		by Chuck Shepherd

* A University of Michigan School of Nursing study, published in June,
reported that almost half of fifth-graders at two low-income schools in
Milwaukee, Wis., reported having had sexual intercourse, compared to 6 per
cent who smoked cigarettes and 3 per cent who drank alcoholic beverages.
[Detroit Free Press, 5- 21-96]

* Out of Control: The newspaper feature Earthwatch reported in July that
Brazilian angler Nathon do Nascimento choked to death on the Maguari River
when a six-inch-long fish jumped into his mouth while he was yawning.  And
aircraft were grounded for three hours one day in July at the airport in
Vaernes, Norway, because a queen bee had landed there, drawing about 25,000
bees with her.  And power outages were reported in Toledo, Ohio, in June
(millions of mayflies smothering a power plant), Spotsylvania County, Va.,
in July (black snake short-circuiting a power line); and Charlottesville,
Va., in July (iguana on a power line). [Portland Press Herald-Earthwatch,
7-7-96] [Columbus Dispatch, Jul96] [AP wirecopy, 6-25-96; Fairfax
Journal-AP, 7- 17-96; Washington Post, 7-19-96]

[Gore Alert: (nope, not our V.P., but the blood-and-gore variety) The
 following item contains an unpleasant-enough image that I wish I hadn't
 read it (but then again, I'm a wimp)... -psl]

* Leonard Ruckman, 40, was arrested in Stotts City, Mo., in June and charged
with assault outside a bar following a dispute over car keys.  In a fit of
pique, Ruckman allegedly slashed open a female acquaintance's breast and
removed her implants. [Joplin Globe, 6-17-96]

[End of Gore Alert: (I told you) -psl]

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