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15 Sep
Football, Turn Signals, Heroine, S.T., Last Words, Meech Lake...

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Subject: Football, Turn Signals, Heroine, S.T., Last Words, Meech Lake...


"Football combines the two worst features of American life.   It is violence
punctuated by committee meetings."
		- /Men At Work:  The Craft of Baseball/  by George F. Will,
		  quoted in the April 1 /New York Times Book Review/


Use your Turn Signals: If I were psychic, I'd have known not to be on the
road with you in the first place.


"Heroine" is perhaps as peculiar a word as any in our language;  the first
two letters of it are a male, the first three letters are a female, the
first four letters are a brave man, the whole word is a brave woman, and
the first six letters are the downfall of most of the others.


Remember the original Star Trek episode where Kirk finds his brother Sam dead,
just killed by these alien blobs, and is consoling his sister-in-law?  Well,
just before that discovery, Kirk, Spock, and the rest of the landing  party
are running around a modern-looking complex of buildings, with several
scenes filmed among those buildings, their steps, the courtyard, etc.

Well, the question is this: Those scenes were filmed a quarter mile down
the street from [what?]

ANSWER:  Xerox El Segundo!

Namely, the original cluster of Xerox buildings, fronted on Aviation Blvd.
by A&E and M1.


Famous last words:  There's one from a Union general in the civil war that
may be appropriate for the #1 or #2 slot:
"Ha!  They couldn't hit an elephant at this dist..."


Thought this would appeal to the Canadians out there:
A survey was just done regarding the Meech Lake Accord 50% of the people
asked said they were opposed to it 30% of the people asked said they were
for it and the rest said they preferred the Toyota Tercel

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