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26 Sep
Music review - There is skronk, but it isn't just sploogin'!

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From: Peter Langston <psl>
Date: Thu, 26 Sep 96 14:39:07 -0700
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Subject: Music review - There is skronk, but it isn't just sploogin'!
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[And I thought art criticism was abstruse...  -psl]

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From: the KFJC 89.7 music database:

Artist: Full Metal Revolutionary Jazz Ensemble
Title: "Watch Out!"
Genre: Jazz: Power Quartet
Medium: CD
Label: Accurate
Date added to database: July 31, 1996

	Partial track listing:
	"Adam's Garden Sketch", "C.C.", "Currents", "D.C.", "Kablooey",
	"Mallets", "Song for the Resistance"

	KFJC new album review (July 31, 1996)
	It can be said this was a long time in the making since Dennis
	Warren, Gil, Owens, and Malik all went to school in the Black
	Music Division of Antioch College, directed by none other than
	Cecil Taylor.  It is jazz and improve in pretty complex form.
	There is skronk, but it isn't just sploogin' cause the
	percussion is intense and creates an entire layer of sound that
	doesn't just provide the rhythm, it competes with the horns.
	Adam's Garden Sketch is the simplest, and most groove ridden
	track.  Mallets is a 25:30 747 ride in turbulence, that can be
	played over "Runaway Train." Some one should sneak these guys
	into some club near the Olympics and when these fat ugly
	American touristas come into the joint looking for dinner club
	jazz and a high cholesterol cream butter and cheese lobster
	dish, FMRJ can just blow them a new colostomy bag.

       - Hairy Kari

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