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30 Sep
Bits O' Bull No. 392!

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Subject: Bits O' Bull No. 392!

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Excerpted-from: BONG Bull No. 392!
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IF NO NEWS, SHUT UP.  Lee Hickling <> reports, "At The
Evening and Sunday Press of Binghamton, N.Y., where I learned the trade (to
the extent that I ever learned it) one rule was enunciated to me this way:
The plural is never formed with apostrophe-S. No exception to this rule
     'My favorite, though, was memorably expressed to me during my early
weeks at The Press by Stuart A. Dunham, the brilliant city editor of that
era (who died too young, like many of the good ones).  As I was leaving the
office, full of zeal and ambition, he stopped me and said, 'Listen,
Hickling, if nothing happens, don't write me a story about it.'"
     Indeed a brilliant rule, Lee.  It brought to mind another.  The late
Houston Post in the 1960s was one of those rare papers that had an in-house
style book and it made for pretty good reading in its own right.  The entry
for "Muchly" was thus:  "Evenly oncely is muchly tooly oftenly."

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