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9 Oct
Stop Cruel Hunting Practices

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From: Peter Langston <psl>
Date: Wed,  9 Oct 96 18:15:13 -0700
To: Fun_People
Subject: Stop Cruel Hunting Practices


Before the voters of Washington State this November is an initiative (I-655)
to BAN the practice of bear baiting and hound hunting of bears, cougars,
bobcats and lynx.

Sponsors of I-655, an ALL VOLUNTEER campaign, do not argue with hunting of
animals or the necessary control of these animal populations (despite what
the opposition states).

They do, however, object to the establishment of "bait stations" using animal
carcasses, grease, fruit, maple syrup and honey to attract bears in the off
season, only to shoot them down with high-powered rifles from the back of
their pickup trucks once hunting season has commenced.

Or, the practice of using abused and starving hound dogs to track down and
tree cougars, bobcats, bears and lynx, usually while maiming and killing
their young.  These hounds are armed with radio transmitters so the "hunters"
can arrive at the end of the chase and "take" their trophies.

Who do you suppose is behind the opposition to Initiative 655?  None other
than the NRA, who is pumping thousands of dollars (if not more) into the stop
I-655 campaign.  You can only imagine why.

And I. personally, want to know why Steve Largent, star pass receiver for the
Seattle Seahawks would even consider being the spokesman for the opposition.
 He doesn't even live in Washington State, much less know anything about the
wildlife issues and concerns.

Please, if you can afford ANY kind of contribution, $1000 or $2, please take
this ONCE IN A LIFETIME opportunity to help put a stop to this inhumane and
unfair killing of indigenous animal species.  Television and radio spots are
very expensive!

Send your contribution or call for more information:

    Washington Wildlife Alliance
    2319 N 45th Street #203
    Seattle, WA    98103
    (206) 633-3435.

At least, PLEASE VOTE YES for Initiative 655.

Thanks for your support,

Mary Fleischman, Volunteer for I-655

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