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13 Oct
Just a taste of Tom Swifty and his relatives...

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From: Peter Langston <psl>
Date: Sun, 13 Oct 96 11:54:26 -0700
To: Fun_People
Subject: Just a taste of Tom Swifty and his relatives...

In going through my old, overstuffed in-box I came across a few messages in  
response to a Fun_Item called "The Tom Swifty Thang" - 2 Nov 94
(NOTE: The Fun_People archive moved in September 1998 to:
So I've grouped them together here...
- psl

From: <Robert.Reynolds@Reed.EDU> (Robert Reynolds)

Bob suggests that:
	"I like Gregorian chants," Tom intoned.
isn't really a Tom Swifty, (which he claims should be of the form "Tom said
adverbally"), but is a Tom Smoothie (with the form "Tom Verbed").  Then he
also defines the "Tom Totally" (with the form "Tom verbed adverbally") as
	"I'll build the casket next week," Tom opined woodenly.

Someone else wrote and said:

> Hi Peter,
> Here's one my girlfriend told me in highschool, but I've never had the
> nerve to tell out loud. Maybe you can add it to your next collection (but
> don't give me credit)
> "A truck just ran over my penis" said Tom, half-cocked.

This message expresses my reaction to the flood of swifties...

> Forwarded-by: <bellcore!!CircleFish>
> Subject: Re: The Tom Swifty Thang
> "Help!  I'm suffocating under all these Swifties," Tom said breathlessly.

And finally, the perfect explication of the whole phenomenon...

> From: LISSY@AppleLink.Apple.COM (Abraham, Lisanne)
> hi peter:
> this is not really a tom swifty, but i like it anyway:
> "Shut up!" he explained.

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