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14 Oct
Springsteen - not a supporter of the Republican ticket.

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Subject: Springsteen - not a supporter of the Republican ticket.

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Rock superstar Bruce Springsteen -- otherwise known as "The Boss" -- wants
to set the record straight -- he is not backing Bob Dole for president!
The Dole campaign bus blared Springsteen's "Born in the U.S.A." Monday as
the political caravan rolled into Red Bank, New Jersey.  Springsteen owns
a home in a nearby town not too far away in Rumson, New Jersey.  Yesterday,
Springsteen faxed a statement to the local newspaper, the Asbury Park Press
through his publicist.  It reads: "Just for the record, I'd like to make
clear that (the song) was used without my permission and I am not a
supporter of the Republican ticket."  W. Drew Kastner, a Westfield attorney
who specializes in entertainment copyright law, says the Dole people
probably didn't even think of the intellectual property aspects.  Kastner
says some "young bucko" probably thought he was hitting a home run with the
song.  Kastner also said that Springsteen probably would never sue a
presidential campaign for a one-time copyright infringement.  (Turner
Entertainment Report)

Bruce Springsteen was upset that the Dole campaign blared his song "Born
in the USA" at a rally in New Jersey.  Says Alex Pearlstein, "He was
especially incensed that they played the song while tearing up a hot-dog
vendor's green card."

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