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15 Oct
WhiteBoardness - 10/14/96

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Excerpted-from: WhiteBoard News for Monday, October 14, 1996

Port Vila, Vanuatu:

Riot police kidnapped the president early Saturday to force him to pay
overdue wages, but few in this South Pacific archipelago let it interrupt
life in paradise.

President Jean Marie Leye made what appeared to be an unnecessary appeal
for calm and was released by day's end with the wage dispute settled.

Throughout the day, the 30,000 residents of Port Vila, the capital, went
about their business. A cricket match was played as scheduled near the
president's home and people shopped on the coconut palm-lined streets.

Officers of the Vanuatu Mobile Force seized Leye at 4 a.m. Saturday from
his home and put him on a plane commandeered from Vanair, the domestic

They flew him to Malekula Island to see Deputy Prime Minister Barak Sope,
and they demanded a Cabinet meeting to force payment of about $1 million in
overtime pay and bonuses. The gang seized Sope and flew both men back to
the capital for the Cabinet session.

A spokesman for the officers, Capt. Noel Tamaka Mala, said in a broadcast
over Radio Vanuatu that the paramilitaries were "in command" but that it
was not a military takeover.

Ottawa Hills, Ohio:

The death of a man whose body was found wrapped tightly in duct tape was
accidental, a coroner said.

Charles Karabell, 64, a maintenance man at the Toledo Tennis Club who lived
on the premises, had been dead a day or two when his body was found in the
club's kitchen at 4:30 p.m. Friday, said Lucas County Deputy Coroner Diane

The body was found, 85 percent wrapped, near a wall-mounted dispenser of
the gray tape, leading police in this Toledo suburb at first to believe it
was a homicide.

Police apparently found women's clothing under the tape, and a subsequent
report characterized the death as autoerotic asphyxiation.

Barnett said Saturday that circumstances at the scene and on the body
suggested that Karabell probably suffocated by accident.

A final ruling would be made following toxicology tests and police

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