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17 Oct
QOTD - Ring Lardner

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[This is a longish quote, but it has a point.  I used part of it  
(unknowingly) in a previous Fun_People item without giving credit...  -psl]

Excerpted-from: a web page of Ring Lardner excerpts:

_The Young Immigrunts

In one respect, this humorous piece is a parody of THE YOUNG VISITERS, a
book supposedly written by a young girl named Daisy Ashford.  Many suspected
at the time that the author of the preface, J.M. Barrie (of Peter Pan fame)
was the true author.  Lardner's book is more than a simple parody of
another.  Knowledge of the Ashford book adds to the appreciation of
Lardner's work, but the humor in THE YOUNG IMMIGRUNTS can be (and usually
is) enjoyed without it.

The book is written from the point of view of Ring's son, Ring Junior, then
called Bill.  It gives the story of the real move East by the Lardner family.

It was originally published in THE SATURDAY EVENING POST, 192 (31 January
1920). Later that year it was published in book form by Bobbs-Merrill. Since
then, it has been included in WHAT OF IT? (1925), FIRST AND LAST (105),

from Chapter 3

     A little later who should come out on the porch and set themselfs ner
us but the bride and glum.
     Oh I said to myself I hope they will talk so as I can hear them as I
have always wandered what newlyweds talk about on their way to Niagara Falls
and soon my wishs was realized.
     Some night said the young glum are you warm enough.
     I am perfectly comfertible replid the fare bride tho her looks belid
her words what time do we arrive in Buffalo.
     9 oclock said the lordly glum I am afrade it is too cold for you out
     Well maybe it is replid the fare bride and without farther adieu they
went in the spacius parlers.
     I wander will he be arsking her 8 years from now is she warm enough
said my mother with a faint grimace.
     The weather may change before then replid my father.
     Are you warm enough said my father after a slite pause.
     No was my mothers catchy reply.

from Chapter 10

     The lease said about my and my fathers trip from the Bureau of
Manhattan to our new home the soonest mended.  In some way ether I or he
got balled up on the grand concorpse and next thing you know we was
thretning to swoop down on Pittsfield.
     Are you lost daddy I arsked tenderly.
     Shut up he explained.

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