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17 Oct
This rich, deep, berry-toned red adds perceived value...

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Subject: This rich, deep, berry-toned red adds perceived value...

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Harper's Extra: It's All in a Name

Ralph Lauren's Shades of Pale --
    The following is a partial list of the shades of white paint included
    in the new Ralph Lauren paint line.  The clothing designer began
    selling his line of house paints in selected cities in January.

    Aspen Summit, Avalanche, Breakwater White, Candelabara White, Country
    Stove White, Design Studio White, Dover Cliffs, Dune White, Edwardian
    Linen, Flour Sack White, Garden Rose White, Journal White, Killington
    Traverse, Montauk Driftwood, Petticoat White, Picket Fence White,
    Pocket Watch White, Polo Mallet, White Poncho, White Portico, White
    Resort, White River Rapids, Riviera Terrace, Roadster, White Sail,
    White Sailor's Knot, Sneaker White, Snowdrift, Starched Apron, Tennis
    Court White, Tackroom White, Tuxedo Shirt.

The Shade of Things to Come --
    (From the 1995 "Consumer Color Directions Palette," a list of 41
    "trend-defining" colors issued last year by the Color Marketing Group,
    an association of 1,400 "design and color professionals." The Color
    Marketing Group convenes twice a year to choose a "forecast palette
    reflecting the consensus regarding future color movement.")  The
    colors below are expected to gain popularity over the next year:

	A rich, warm, roasted brown evocative of the comfort, conversation
	and neighborly feeling found in a coffeehouse.

	This brown reflects the themes of arts and crafts, responsibility
	for the environment and recyclability.

	This rich, deep, berry-toned red adds perceived value to
	automotive exteriors.

    Purple Haze:
	Spiritual and gender-neutral; it layers purple with a smoky

	This gray-green reflects the youthful rebellion against
	establishment brights.

	This softened orange is more livable and lovable than the hot
	oranges of the past.

	A universal blue, equally at home in the French countryside or an
	Amish barn.

	Borrowed from ancient textiles, this sun-washed red links us to
	our multicultural heritage.

	This weathered brick bridges yellow, orange and red.  It adds a
	warm, gentle punch to our Forecast Colors.

    Flutterby Blue:
	Clean and vibrant, this reddish blue hints at the iridescence in
	the wing of a passing butterfly.

	An aquatic addition to our palette, it speaks of clear, clean
	waters and inspires new hope for the future.

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