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Weirdness [451] - 27Sep96

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Excerpted-from: WEIRDNUZ.451 (News of the Weird, September 27, 1996)
by Chuck Shepherd

* The Des Moines Register reported in July that among the treasures turned
up at the excavation site of the steamboat Bertrand, which sank on the
Missouri River near Omaha, Neb., in 1865, were four pocketknives with glass
rivets that contained explicit, pornographic photos.  They are evidence,
said conservator Jeanne Harold, that people have not changed much in 131

* Six Edmonton, Alberta, police cruisers chased and stopped a Loomis armored
car in May after a report that it was weaving erratically on the road and
that a guard appeared to be signaling by repeatedly swinging a door open.
There was no holdup, according to police spokesman Kelly Gordon; rather,
one of the guards had passed gas, and the other guard was attempting to air
out the cab.

* Marine Cpl. Corban Backstrand, 24, stationed near Hiroshima, Japan, won
a dare in June while out with friends.  He stuck his head in front of a
moving cargo train and was knocked unconscious.

* In March, "Slim Jim" Smith [name changed to protect James... -psl] was
hospitalized in fair condition with a serious head injury after a stunt by
deejays at radio station KQCC-FM of Rock Island, Ill.  Jim had volunteered
to be packed in a 55-gallon drum and rolled down a flight of stairs.  When
he did not fit inside initially, he agreed to remove all the padding from
the barrel to make room.

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