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19 Oct
The Comedian's Eye View of 10/21/96

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Subject: The Comedian's Eye View of 10/21/96

Excerpted-from: 10/21/96 -- ShopTalk

                        Monday October 21, 1996

     "I mean, when you're on a show this long ("Friends") and with
      people as much as we are together, you tend to bring your own essence
      to the character. I'd have to say the closest one to his character is
      Matt Perry, and Courteney (Cox) is a neat freak.  And thank God,
      because my dressing room would be a mess if it weren't for her."
                                            Actress Jennifer Aniston

In the news: The last presidential debate is history: "Bob Dole was finally
able to prove what he's been saying all along: There's nothing good on TV."
(Alan Ray)

"According to polls, the biggest disappointment during the debate was the
massive electrical blackout- there wasn't one." (Bob Mills)

"As predicted, Dole went negative in a big way.  But enough about his poll
numbers."  (Jerry Perisho)

"President Clinton vowed to protect children from drugs, alcohol and
tobacco.  There's only one way to do that. We baby boomers must tell our
kids that it worked for us, and count on them to rebel." (Argus Hamilton)

Researchers at UCLA say TV violence is down.  Says Steve Voldseth, "At my
house, we did it by giving everyone their own set."

A Delta flight was grounded when a 490-pound gorilla, en route to the
Seattle zoo, began making too much noise.  Says Steve Tatham, "That's
because a 490-pound gorilla is supposed to be able to sit anywhere he
wants to, and that's not in cargo, that's in first class."

Kansas City, Mo., has a new floating casino.  Says Jenny Church, "People
can go there to gamble on the water--just like a vacation in Mexico!"

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