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21 Oct
duh bears (and dere fanz)

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From: Peter Langston <psl>
Date: Mon, 21 Oct 96 18:14:20 -0700
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Subject: duh bears (and dere fanz)

Forwarded-by: "Cantor,Steven"

    A Chicago Bear Fan was visiting Ireland for vacation and was strolling
along a desolate forest path when he spied a Leprechaun and captured it.
    "Let me go and I will grant you three wishes", said the Leprechaun.
     "OK.  I wish for a nice, cold, bottle of beer.  I have been walking a
while and I am kind of thirsty", said the Chicago Bear Fan.
    --poof-- a cold bottle of beer appeared in the fan's hand and he
started to drink.
    "Now, what about your other two wishes?", asked the Leprechaun.
    "Now hold on der, I'm still drinking my beer", said the fan.
    "Ahh, but that is a 'magic' bottle of beer, you will NEVER be able to
finish it!"
    "Oh?", said the Fan.  He quickly chugged the beer down and just as
quickly the bottle filled itself.  He drank it down even faster and the
bottle filled itself even faster.
    The Fan was amazed.  "I have two more wishes?", said the fan.  "YES!",
said the exasperated Leprechaun,
    "I'll take two more of these", said the fan, pointing to the bottle.

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