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25 Oct
Re: URL O' The Day (Ooops.)

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From: Peter Langston <psl>
Date: Fri, 25 Oct 96 15:10:33 -0700
To: Fun_People
Subject: Re: URL O' The Day (Ooops.)

From: (Jim Gillogly)

> is hacked.

Have you ever seen this site non-hacked?  I thought this was the "joke" one
that has always been there.  If I'm not mistaken, the official Clinton-Gore
site is .  It's also my impression that the "hacked" Dole
site that turned up after the debate was also one that had always been there,
not a hack of the official Dole site... unlike the nice DoJ and CIA cracks.
From: Keith Bostic <>

Turns out that the:

page wasn't hacked, it's just a joke page.  The offical page is and is hosted by UUNET.

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