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29 Oct
"Dark Alliance" Two-Picture Deal Inked!

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Subject: "Dark Alliance" Two-Picture Deal Inked!

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(redacted from _Daily Variety_)

Insider buzz has Willem DaFoe signed for twelve figures to play "the Ollie
North you never saw on TV" in New Line's ripped-from-the-headlines "Dark
Alliance", due for a Christmas opening.

Director Brian de Palma promises DaFoe will be "out of control and over the
top" as a liquored-up, chainsaw-toting North.  The opening scenes find the
colonel in a Central American jungle trading 76 mm. recoiless anti-tank Web
browsers for cocaine and hooch.  Flashbacks reveal, in exquisite trademark
de Palma slo-mo, North's brutal rape of a Miskito Indian girl (Sandra
Bullock) whose illegitimate child (Keanu Reeves) is deliberately addicted
to cocaine by North to destroy the boy's memories of the atrocity.

After the girl's village is destroyed during a shootout between rival Contra
gangs fighting over drug profits, North, believing her dead, returns to his
palatial fortified mansion in northern Virginia.  Soon rumors reach him that
the girl has, with her dying breath, whispered the identity of her ravisher
to Enrique (Robert de Niro), a former anti-Castro guerilla and gun-runner
-- and the father of their love-child (Reeves).  Enraged, Enrique turns
against his one-time CIA sponsors and begins a lone crusade against the
Company and its Contra puppets.

North, interrupting a wild document-shredding and hashish party with his
secretary Fawn Hall (Madonna), feverishly prepares his defenses against
Enrique.  In what promises to be a classic scene, he extorts $7 million from
President Ronald Reagan by threatening to reveal George Bush's role in the
JFK assassination.  A cowering Reagan hands over the cash, which North uses
to increase the power of his taxpayer-supplied electric security fence to
1,000,000 volts.

Enrique, who has painstakingly nursed the boy Reeves through heroin
withdrawal, now begins the final confrontation at North's mansion.  In the
explosive conclusion, after all of Enrique's assaults have been thwarted,
he makes the ultimate sacrifice and shorts out the fence with his own body,
allowing his offspring Reeves to penetrate North's security and exterminate
him -- in a scene of gross violence extreme even by de Palma standards.

210 minutes.  With Dennis Hopper as William Casey, Lionel Barrymore as
Ronald Reagan, Crackhead Bob of radio's "Howard Stern Show" as George Bush,
Jabba the Hutt as Ed Meece, Cheech Marin as Adolfo Calero, Eddie Murphy as
Elliot Abrams, Pamela Anderson Lee as Daniel Ortega, and Rush Limbaugh as
a talking bag of shit.

A sequel already in the works has Gilbert Gottfried tentatively cast as
Barry Seale in "Airport VII -- the Mena Connection".  Though the working
script paints then-Governor of Arkansas Bill Clinton as a "whoring, coked-up
piece of garbage", Tom Cruise (in what insiders speculate is a blatant but
highly successful ploy "to piss off the fucking Republicans") has been cast
in the role of Clinton.  Meg Ryan co-stars as Hillary Rodham Clinton.

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