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29 Oct
Moral Dilemma - (More Squeezer Angst)

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Date: Tue, 29 Oct 96 15:07:46 -0800
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Subject: Moral Dilemma - (More Squeezer Angst)

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Well, we nearly had a good "Year of the Accordion".  Last Sunday on NPR,
some old goat comes up and says 1996 is "The Year of Mathematics".

This is a tough choice.  Before being born again as an accordion
afficionado, I had a long dependency on mathematics, but have since been
rehabilitated. 1996 turns out to be the 300TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE SOOCER
BALL(The first construction of the dodecahedron). This is something that
one just cannot pass up!!!

I have to choose -- we just can't go around sharing 1996 with everyone.
Accordions or math, accordions or math, accordions or math...

Not only that, but in upstate New York, there's a big sign that claims this
year is also the "Year of the Sunflower". These people need to be taught a
lesson.  We should get a few of the boys together and go and drop some
Titano Virtuoso's on their toes.

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