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5 Nov
As if being wooked wasn't enough...

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Subject: As if being wooked wasn't enough...

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Douglas Wolk writes:
 > favorite noise record lately is Chris Watson's _Stepping Into The Dark_
 > (Touch). Watson sets up microphones outdoors in people-free locations all
 > over the world, lets the tape roll for a few hours, then finds the
 > interesting parts on the tape. best thing on it is a recording made by the
 > Maasai Mara in Kenya at 10:45 at night: billions of little insects buzzing
 > around make this super-rich, variant drone, underscored by the sounds of
 > the river and whatever other animals happen to be around.

This reminds me: my uncle, who lives in Estes Park, Colorado, made a
tape via this process called "Elk Bugling in the Rocky Mountains".
I'll bet you didn't even know that elks bugled, did you?  It's an
amazingly eerie sound they use for mating that has to be heard to be
believed.  At times during this recording a nearby pack of coyotes
joined in for a rather intense "wildlife symphony".  If you're
interested, send a check or money order for $9.50 plus $3.00 shipping
per tape (CO residents add sales tax) to:

            Moon Trailway Music
            attn: Dick Orleans
            P.O. Box 844
            Estes Park, CO 80517

The tape's about an hour long, and a sure icebreaker at parties!  Tell
him you heard about it on the Internet...

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