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8 Nov
TWA800 redux

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Subject: TWA800 redux

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From: Aerospace Digest

November 8, 1996

1. WASHINGTON POST - In the strongest indication yet that safety
investigators believe mechanical failure caused the crash of TWA Flight
800, a senior official says his agency will likely take that position if
no evidence of a bomb or missile is found in the dwindling amount of
unrecovered wreckage. The comments by Bernard Loeb, director of aviation
safety for the NTSB, come as salvage experts are trawling the ocean floor
for the remaining five percent or so of debris from the plane.

2. REUTERS - Former White House adviser Pierre Salinger on Friday cast
aside U.S. denials and stood by his charge that a U.S. Navy missile
accidentally shot down a TWA jumbo jet which crashed off New York in
July. Salinger said he had been given a document in Paris by an agent of
the U.S. Secret Service which said the airliner, flying too low and
behind schedule, had entered an area where the U.S. Navy was staging
missile tests. The FBI, the Pentagon and the Navy denied on Thursday that
a missile was involved. Salinger told reporters he was not surprised by
the denials and offered to show the FBI his three-month-old document.

[I've seen some similarly worded reports in today's newspapers and also
heard a bit more detailed description of the Salinger report on public
radio this morning.]

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