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8 Nov
So you want to be in a touring band, eh?

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Date: Fri,  8 Nov 96 15:46:49 -0800
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Subject: So you want to be in a touring band, eh?

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Help wanted.  Must be willing to travel 200+ days per year, by car or van
(sharing vehicle space and sleeping accomodations with 3 to 5 coworkers,
plus professional equipment), must share driving, must be willing to drive
all night after working until past midnight.  Must work weekends.  Must
provide own professional equipment ($2000 minimum), must provide own
insurance for equipment (at high rates) or be prepared to replace at own
expense.  Must perform approximately the same professional tasks 3-7
evenings per week in front of a judgemental audience; must appear to be
spontaneous and to be enjoying the experience each time; must display fully
professional level of performance regardless of lack of sleep, ill health,
or loud distractions from the audience.  Must respond cheerfully to audience
requests.  Must be prepared to behave enthusiastically and courteously at
any times when encountering members of the public, under whatever
circumstances.  Must behave similarly while manning product sales tables,
which must be done at all performance events.  Must provide and launder own
uniform.  Must have minimum 5 years experience, must display high level of
talent and creative ability, and must be prepared to either a) take strict
direction willingly or b) participate in group consensus decisions amicably,
depending on the particular position.  No paid vacation, no benefits, no
union.  Must be prepared to hold down a second job during the daytime, if
necessary, to make up the difference between pay from this job and a living
wage; must not permit this second job to interfere with above-listed travel
and performance requirements.  Minimal chances for advancement.

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