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9 Nov
Re: Re: ABC News meets Irwin Allen

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From: Peter Langston <psl>
Date: Sat,  9 Nov 96 14:00:56 -0800
To: Fun_People
Subject: Re: Re: ABC News meets Irwin Allen 

From: Lauren Weinstein <>

> From: (Dan Peck)
> At the end of the above mentioned broadcast, ABC News showed that in fact
> the "set" was a computer graphic, not a physical set. The reporter was
> being chroma-keyed. She was standing in a 4 foot square blue cubicle.
> Higher tech than you thought.

No, you're confusing sets; ABC had at least three different sets going.
Only one of these was the "blue cube" virtual set that they showed off at
the end, and that's not the set where the physical computer props were
located.  The computer panels were sitting up in the main staging area where
the big-name commentators worked.  It was *not* the virtual set (the V-set
was only used for typical computer-generated graphics backgrounds, which
were clearly not "real", though their quality is definitely improving).  The
computer panels were all *too* real.  I really missed the Irwin Allen
sound effects, though.

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