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10 Nov
Dr. Bruce Street

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Flyer received in the mail:

			   Lower Your
	(picture of a hippy-looking man in his 40's with long hair, a
	short beard, plaid shirt, a little smile showing bad teeth --
	with the following caption underneath)

Dr. Bruce Street is a certified lowered self esteem practitioner who has
conducted successful L.O.S.E.R.s (Lowering Our Self Esteem Retreats) for
the past few years or so.

Using yodeling, groaning, and pattycake techniques, and working closely with
a spirit entity friend named Senor Butch Noveena, Dr. Street will probe kind
of deeply into some parts of the psyche of each retreat member.  The goal
is to unlock personal doors to low self esteem.

Along the way, Dr. Bruce Street will share his fund of knowledge.


* Healing the inner child may involve costly dental work!

* "ADULT CHILDREN" usually act like childish adults.

* If you're all set to suffer, nothing can stop you, least of all, good luck.

Dr. Bruce Street, a lecturer at Shaman University since 1982, has recently
published his research on low self-esteem in a new book, GOOD OLD JOE, HE'LL
GET BY ONE WAY OR THE OTHER from Shaman U. Press.

Week-end seminars cost $200.  Small, unappetizing meals may be served if
Dr. S. turns a tidy profit.  A Sunday evening "Weenie Roast" will conclude
the retreat.  Dr. Bruce Street will issue glow-in-the-dark certificates to
all participants whose checks clear.

You Can Be Less

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