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10 Nov
Buy Nothing Day ... remember?

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Subject: Buy Nothing Day ... remember?

[If you don't know what Buy Nothing Day (Buy-0 Day) is, then you should  
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For release:   November 14, 1996

TV Networks Refuse To Run Buy Nothing Day Ad

The NBC, ABC and CBS television networks have refused to run a Buy Nothing
Day campaign spot produced by the Media Foundation.

In refusing to sell airtime for the 30-second ad, Richard Gitter, Vice
President of Advertising Standards at NBC said: "We don't want the
business. We don't want to accept any advertising that's inimicable to our
legitimate business interests."

Harvey Dzodin, Vice President, of Commercial Clearance at ABC said:
"Promotion of this event would be in violation of our policy on advertising
of controversial issues."

Matthew Margo, CBS Vice President of program practices, said: "We can't run
your ad. It's an advocacy ad."

"We're contemplating First Amendment legal action," says Kalle Lasn,
President of the Media Foundation. "These are public airwaves. The networks
should not be censoring messages like this."

Held on the first shopping day after U.S. Thanksgiving (Nov. 29), Buy
Nothing Day (now in its 5th year and celebrated in eight countries) invites
the people of the affluent West to join a 24 hour moratorium on consumer

For more information, call:

Allan MacDonald, Campaign Manager, Media Foundation             (604) 736-9401
Harvey C. Dzodin, Commercial Clearance VP , ABC                 (212) 456-7915
Richard Gitter, Advertising Standards VP, NBC                   (212) 664-3115
Matthew Margo, program practices VP, CBS                        (212) 975-3319

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