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Weirdness [455] - 25Oct96

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Excerpted-from: WEIRDNUZ.455 (News of the Weird, October 25, 1996)
		by Chuck Shepherd

* COMMERCIAL ANNOUNCEMENT:  Chuck Shepherd's new paperback, The Concrete
Enema and Other News of the Weird Classics, is at bookstores everywhere
($6.95).  Clerks are standing by right now begging you, please to walk in
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* Nancy Ho Belli, who wed lawyer Melvin Belli three months before his July
death, filed a lawsuit in August in San Francisco against another Belli
relative for improperly keeping the skeletal remains of a man named Elmer,
which Mr. Belli purchased in the 1940s.  A spokesman said the relative would
"go to jail before revealing Elmer's whereabouts."

* An unidentified woman who refused to give her name was plucked from the
Atlantic Ocean, about two miles out, near Ft.  Lauderdale, Fla., in
September, dressed in street clothes.  She told one of the rescuers, "I'm
fine, my family is here," and said she had been eating seaweed for the three
days she had been in the water.  She said she was "in transition," that she
had just come up to get some air.  She was taken to Memorial Regional

* In June, the government of Saskatchewan said it was unsuccessful in trying
to return to the manufacturer almost 1,000 five-inch-long "wooden
demonstrators" designed for school condom-education classes.  Schools
refused to use them, and opponents of the program called for disposal via
a "weenie roast."

* Jimmy Hogg, 77, collapsed and died of a heart attack in September on the
first hole of a Fife, Scotland, golf course.  His four partners paused
briefly as an ambulance took the body away, then resumed their round, with
one making the required statement, "I'm sure Jimmy would have wanted us to
do that." And earlier in the month, Arthur Mooney, 67, similarly died in
the Spirit Mountain Casino in Grande Ronde, Ore., but customers continued
to play slot machines while the body lay nearby on the floor for an hour.

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