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21 Nov

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From: Peter Langston <psl>
Date: Thu, 21 Nov 96 11:28:02 -0800
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Subject: Warnings

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Warnings from the manual for Layer Express v2 (an AutoCAD extension):

Written on Page 12 (Blank page separating Ch. 1 & 2):
        To reduce the risk of shock,
        Do not remove the cover of this book.
        No serviceable components inside.

Written on Page 44 (Blank page separating Ch. 3 & 4):
        This page unintentionally left blank.

Written on Page 70 (Blank page separating Ch. 4 & 5):
        Under penalty of law
        This page not to be removed
        Except by consumer

Written on Page 88 (Blank page, last page in book):
        To reduce risk of injury or death:
        1.  Do not read while bathing.
        2.  Do not place or store where book can fall
            or be pulled into tub, toilet or sink.
        3.  If book falls into water, stop reading
            immediately.  Do not reach into water.

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