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21 Nov
NWRO Project Closing!

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From: Peter Langston <psl>
Date: Thu, 21 Nov 96 15:09:08 -0800
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Subject: NWRO Project Closing!

[And on this happy note I will take a few days off to go to a strange
 conference where you talk until you are hoarse and then eat until you
 are a horse... Enjoy your weekend!  -psl]

From: (Michael Stadler)

I've been watching this one develop for a while now. It's this kind of
stuff that makes my job a lot easier.

The Nez Perce never even signed a treaty, and still got shoved onto
reservations hundreds of miles from their home. As they fled the Army, they
paid settlers for the food and supplies they needed along the way. Still
they were slaughtered.

Maybe they'll cease to think of us as savages now.
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     Subject: NWRO Project Closing!

     11/1/96 - CHIEF JOSEPH PRESERVE - The NWRO with Bowen Blair as Project
     Manager and Tom Tyner as Attorney, acquired and conveyed 10,300 acres
     in Wallowa County, Oregon, to the Nez Perce Tribe. The property was
     acquired with funds from the Bonneville Power Administration's
     wildlife mitigation fund.

     More than a 100 years after being driven from their lands, the Nez
     Perce Tribe is returning to its ancestral home in Wallowa County, the
     "valley of the winding waters" which Chief Joseph pledged to never
     leave. Orchestrated by TPL, a 10,300 acre wildlife preserve, noted for
     its large game species of Big Horn sheep, Rocky Mountain elk, black
     bear and cougar, was conveyed to the Tribe for continued wildlife

     TPL has conveyed an additional almost 9,000 acres of wildlife habitat
     and recreation lands in the immediate area into public ownership over
     the past four years. When combined with the existing adjacent Hells
     Canyon NRA, Snake River Archeological District, and Wallowa Whitman
     National Forest, these lands represent one of the largest and most
     productive wildlife habitats in the continental United States.

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