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25 Nov
WhiteBoardness, 11/25/96

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Subject: WhiteBoardness, 11/25/96

[I finally understand what the term "end user"{ means...  -psl]

Excerpted-from: WhiteBoard News for Monday, November 25, 1996

Bonn, Germany:

Germany's 400,000 prostitutes, fed up with taxation without representation,
launched a campaign on Friday aimed at giving their profession legal status
and official recognition.

Although prostitution is legal in Germany, those who admit they earn their
living in the trade are denied health care, unemployment and retirement
benefits. The government, nevertheless, collects taxes from them.

"Prostitutes are being legally exploited by the government," said Irmingard
Schewe-Gerigk, a member of the Greens party that is to introduce legislation
into parliament next week seeking to give prostitutes full legal rights.

"The hypocrisy has to end," she said at a news conference. "On the one hand,
the government says prostitution is immoral and denies them full rights,
but on the other hand it collects tax money. This is discrimination against

The leader of one prostitute group, Christine Droessler, said legal
recognition would raise the public standing of the profession, making it
safer and ultimately leading to lower prices for the end user.

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