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27 Nov
Excerpted: 11/27/96 -- ShopTalk

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I wanted to be an actress and I was serendipitously introduced to the
broadcasting world.  I will admit that my early opportunities were because
my dad is Walter Mondale. And 14 years later, I have achieved overnight
		-- E! correspondent Eleanor Mondale

Quentin Tarantino's Hollywood influence has grown to considerable size
but apparently isn't big enough to move the Director's Guild of America.
The guild has refused to grant the director and sometimes actor, who is
not a member of the DGA, a waiver to direct an "X-Files" episode that will
follow the Super Bowl on Jan 26.  Tarantino had approached the series
about directing an episode, having previously worn the director's hat for
an episode of NBC's "er," which he did get a waiver.  A DGA spokesman said
discussions continue with Tarantino about joining the guild, but it
appears unlikely that it will happen in time for the much-hyped episode
of "X-Files," which begins production in a few weeks. (LA Times)

And finally -- waitresses reap an average raise of 18% on tips when they
draw a "happy face" on their checks, says a study done at Cornell
University and reported in Food & Wine Magazine. When a male waiter draws
the same face on the check, however, the result is likely to be the
opposite, a drop of 3 percent.  The study also found that when waiters
"casually touch a customer on the shoulder or hand, especially when the
customer is female" the tip goes up by a whopping 42 percent.  (SF


A man in a Barney suit knocked on the door of a Missouri woman's home
and attempted to rob her. Says Steve Voldseth, "The woman said she was
terrified -- and then she realized it wasn't the real Barney."

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