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2 Dec
BBC Sports Personality of the Year--feeling mischievous?

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From: Peter Langston <psl>
Date: Mon,  2 Dec 96 16:35:13 -0800
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Subject: BBC Sports Personality of the Year--feeling mischievous?

From: Robin Stephenson <>

Every year the BBC holds a ceremony where they crown the `sports
personality of the year' as voted for by the great British public.
This year in addition to the traditional paper and telephone methods
they are collecting votes by email.  This brings me to the rather
unusual chain letter I received yesterday...

		  [the forwards shoot.. they score!]

>> This year it's possible to vote for the BBC sports personality of
>> the year award via e-mail. This has the potential of a nationwide
>> fixing scam.  The idea is to e-mail the BBC and vote for JUSTIN
>> FASHANU as BBC sports personality of the year.  If enough people do
>> this then it could be that he will win it (last year apparently
>> only 70,000 people voted in the competition altogether).  The
>> closing date for entries is Dec 13th, so hurry and get your votes
>> cast.
>> Instructions-
>> All you have to do is mail your name, address, and choice of
>> personality to the BBC as follows

--begin example email--
Subject: sports personality of the year

I vote for Justin Fashanu as BBC sports personality of the year.

Joe Bloggs
111, This Street,
Manchester, M11 111
--end example email--

>> Here's that email address again:

>> NOW mail this to everybody that you know, and tell them to do the
>> same.  Please don't start voting for anybody else as then it won't
>> work.
>> Let's try and get Justin the recognition he deserves.
>> Please forward to as many people as you can so that the right
>> person can win.

I don't know where this message started.  I have no idea why on earth
they chose Justin Fashanu.  A quick trawl through the web found that
he used to play for Manchester City and that he was *not* involved in
the tangerine-kettle-flex-amyl-nitrate-plastic-bag-on-the-head-
stockings-and-suspenders-etc death of the Rt. Hon. Steven Milligan MP.

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