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3 Dec
Another True Story

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The young (two income) couple returns home after work.  The wife begins to
prepare dinner but as she reaches for the cabinet door, it comes off in her
hand.  "Honey," she asks "could you fix this door?  I've been asking for
weeks!" "Dear," he replies, "do I have CARPENTER tattooed on my forehead?"
She just sighs and goes into the bathroom where the toilet is running.
"Honey," she asks "would you fix the toilet?  It's still running." "Dear,"
he replies, "do I have PLUMBER tattooed on my forehead?"  Then he says he
needs to get out for a while and is gone for several hours.  When he
returns,  he notices the kitchen cabinet is repaired.  He goes to the
bathroom and the toilet is no longer running.  He asks the wife how they
got fixed.  She replies,  "A nice man came to the door asking if I needed
any repairs done.  I said yes, but that I couldn't pay him any money.  He
said that would be okay, I could pay him by preparing him a meal fit for a
King, or give him the greatest sex he's ever had."  The husband says, "So
what did you fix him to eat?"  "Dear," she replies, "do I have CHEF tattooed
on my forehead?"

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