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4 Dec
Thank You and OK

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[See the book entitled "Thank You and OK - an American Zen failure in Japan"
 by David Chadwick, (New York : Arkana, 1994)  -psl]

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real websites, listed at!

1.  -New!- Association of family caring for the demented elderly,japan (Kyoto)
    Association is a nonprofit nationwide organization for families caring for
the demented elderly and professionls concerned in dementia in Japan.

    This home page is about "bath" Japanese like. This consists of the
informations such as "How to take a bath for health", "How to clean a bath"
and so on. In this page we are researching various things about bath and
give wonderful presents to everyone who answers our questions.

3.  Musical sand (Kyoto) (sand, Musical sand, Nature, Ecology, Education)
    All information concerning musical sand in the world (singing sand on
beach and booming sand in desert) will concentrate in this home pages.
Singing properties of the sand is very sensitive to pollution, and that may
be play a sensor for it. This page will show the data and inform the Nature
can be revive the sound by wave motion in the sea or wind action in the
desert , whoever hope the restoration the wonderful sound.

4.  Colour of Heartstrings (Tokyo) (Entertainment, Music, sound)
    Is there something that pull at a your heartstrings ? What colour is
your heart ? Please, Feel my heartbeat. and sure, I'll be able to pull
at a your heartstrings. Here is Music & Sound & Graphics Archive.

5.  Japanese in the world (Tokyo) (Japanese culture, venture entrepreneur,
    Most Japanese are conscious of what they are Japanese excessively in
abroad. But most Japanese are not proud of Japan or Japanese culture
Japanese should have international views as a Japanese in 21 century. In
this site,there are introduction of Japanese culture,square of entrepreneur
as a leading actor in 21c and penpal corner. Japanese should communicate
with people all over the world!

6.  Let's learn English at schMOOze University! (Tokyo) (language, learning,
    ESL, EFL, education, MOO)
    This is an introduction page to schMOOze, an online virtual school for
learning English. Only Japanese version is available at the moment, but
versions in other languages will be available in the futre. Volunteers for
translation are welcome too.

7.  Mac's Bedroom (Tokyo)
    "Have you ever thought of how your Mac sleeps? And Mac's of someone else
in the world..." -We've now started "Mac's Bedroom" domitory, where live
hundreds of Mac's from the World. It's easy to rent a place for your Mac.
Just come and see our "Mac's Bedroom". Check us in NOW!!

8.  Mouse Pad Fetish (Tokyo) (mouse pad, supply)
    I make a fetish of Mouse Pad. If you have Exelent or Strange Mouse
Pad,Please tell me your info. (This page is written Japanese only.)

9.  OH! RAMEN LINKS! (Tokyo)
    Junping point to Ramen Freaks' Homepages. Ramen is specialized Japanese
noodle originally from China. English links are available, where you go to
beautiful picuture homepages of ramens

10.  -New!- ORE=ERO (Tokyo) (adult)
    ORE(I) am erotic.YOU are erotic too. So ORE=YOU=ERO. Let's go to meet
web babes and real babes. We have many good links of adult site.

11.  Techno + Rock + NewWave = k.h.m. (Osaka) (Music)
    January-1993 at Organize. k.h.m. is new feeling and style. It's new
music scene. k.h.m.'s homepage is very quickly! please,Look ours! and
listen! by the way,this site   use by TrueSpeech plug-in. Welcome!

12.  The POiSON GiRL FRiEND Official Web Site (Tokyo)
    If you love music with breathy girl's voice, sort of ambient-techno, if
you love tea and shortbread, if you love night clubbing and chilling, if
you love mac. and if your Mondays are always Blue....., you must check her
site. There is also much  informations about other musicians, the gig guide
in both London and Tokyo and links.

13.  Tokyo Toilet Map (Tokyo) (Tokyo, toilet)
    I go to a public toilet at a station around Tokyo and take a look
inside. At my homepage I show you what Tokyo's public toilets are. This web
page has many  photographs of toilet bowls, some are disgusting but some
are great ones. You must check it out.

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