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6 Dec
Re: M&M Wars

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From: Peter Langston <psl>
Date: Fri,  6 Dec 96 01:48:18 -0800
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Subject: Re: M&M Wars

Forwarded-by: elshaw@MIT.EDU (Libby Shaw)
From: (george m. anderson II)

the m&m war is a lot like the ancient french tradition of 'pocking
easter eggs', which still is the favorite egg game (aside from hunt and
seek) among kids. one kids holds egg below while other kid smashes from
above-whole egg wins.  this leads to a lot of potato(e) salad.
intresting to note that not all shells are created equally (two cases):

1)same species-secret mixtures of feed are used on the chickens for a
few weeks before easter to build stronger eggs (plaster of paris and
concrete dust are very common and how they work, i do not know).
smaller eggs seem stronger than bigger ones.

2) (THE BIG CHEAT) different species. eggs purchased at store are
greatly inferior to guinnie hens eggs (orders of magnitude), which win
every time. all cajun kids know this.  thats probably why everybody
with chickens has a few guinnie hens around.

3)outright cheating-make small hole, suck egg goo out with syringe,
refill with plastic resin.  problem is the eggs get suspiciously heavy,
but are very strong.

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