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10 Dec
The Internet TourBus

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From: Peter Langston <psl>
Date: Tue, 10 Dec 96 12:47:10 -0800
To: Fun_People
Subject: The Internet TourBus

    Fun_people may recognize the name "The Internet TourBus" from bits of  
their e-mail service that I have excerpted for Fun_People from time to time.   
TOURBUS picks one or two web sites per issue and describes them in some  
depth, with an eye to making cool Internet features accessible to both  
beginners and experts.  They also feature some silly stuff like the Southern  
Word of the Day.  For example (from 3/8/96):

> --------------------------------
> --------------------------------
> MERINGUE - Noun.  A piece of jewelry worn on the finger.
> Usage: "Ju like meringue?"
> (Special thanks goes to Michael Sullins for today's wurd)

    Well the TOURBUS may go overboard on the silly side next Thursday when
they include a mention of Fun_People.  Eeek!  If you'd like to subscribe to
TOURBUS and see the reference go by, here's the info:

> ======================================================================
>   SUBSCRIBE  : Send SUBSCRIBE TOURBUS Firstname Lastname
>                to LISTSERV@LISTSERV.AOL.COM
>   Web Site   :
>                (stop in for back issues and the logo contest)
>   Advertising: E-mail w/ Subject: SEND TBRATES
> ======================================================================
>      TOURBUS - (c) Copyright 1996, Patrick Crispen and Bob Rankin
>  All rights reserved.  Redistribution is allowed only with permission.

    I hope this doesn't mean my ISP (or my mailbox) will be swamped with  
requests, but if there is some interruption in the next week, you'll know  
why...  Wish us luck!

					-- Peter

 Peter Langston - - Seattle, WA -

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