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More Notable Quotes 12.9.96

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Notable QuotesDecember 8, 1996, 10:43 PM ESTHOLLYWOOD (Reuter)
- They said it -- Notable quotes from the wire:

"I understand that you'll be portraying a former president of the United
States in a new movie--maybe in a few years you can give me some pointers."
  -- PRESIDENT CLINTON to Kennedy Center honoree JACK LEMMON, star of the
     upcoming "My fellow Americans."

	o o o

"From the start, Benny Carter's fellow musicians said the way he played the
sax was amazing. They say that about me too, but I don't think they mean it
in the same way."
  -- CLINTON, on honoree BENNY CARTER.

	o o o

"We (the White House) have all your records."
  -- CLINTON, to honoree JOHNNY CASH.

	o o o

"It's good business... Though I often pick animal bones, the human ones are
easier to find here. The money is the same."
  -- FAIZDEEN, a 14-year-old resident of war-torn Kabul, where desperate
     residents are digging up human bones to sell for use in chicken feed,
     quoted in London's Times newspaper.

	o o o

"This film doesn't want to be liked. So many films are like little dogs
yapping at your heels wanting to be loved, (whereas) often the films I
like--'Rosemary's Baby,' 'Repulsion'--are not everybody's cup of tea."
  -- JEREMY "JEZ" BUTTERWORTH, who is directing a movie version of his
     play "Mojo," set on the violent fringes of the burgeoning rock'n'roll
     industry in 1958.

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