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13 Dec
Stink Bait

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From: (Harley Ferguson)

	---------- Stink Bait -------------

Do you know what Stink Bait is? Stink Bait is the best bait for catching
catfish. (Some people may argue that dried chicken blood is as good, but
don't believe them.) Stink Bait is very popular with Oklahoma fishermen.
Stink Bait is made mainly by taking approximately equal parts of liver and
limburger cheese, and running them through a meat grinder. (There may be
some other "secret" ingredients, but I ain't saying here). Then you
half-fill a sturdy glass bottle. (Dad's was a two gallon bottle I think)
and bury it for a couple of days to ferment. You then dig it up, stir it
down (It will have filled the bottle) and bury it again. You repeat this
process until it has stabilized or blows up before (or when) you dig it up.
It is a dirty brown semi-liquid stinking mess that looks a little like your
worst nightmare after a very bad weekend, and smells even worse. But catfish
love it!

To use it you put sponge on a treble hook and dip the sponged hook into the
bait. In fishing for cat you don't use a float, just a sinker about 6-10"
from the hook and tight-line fish on the bottom.

When I was a kid I had a friend named George Rankin. His dad was also a
stink bait fisherman. Now, you probably know that until a few years ago,
people in the north didn't eat much catfish. It was mainly a southern dish.
Well George's  dad, Odel, took a business trip to Chicago and took George
with him. As fishermen are wont to do, they took a break from business and
went fishing. Since Stink Bait is irresistible to catfish, and people didn't
fish them much anyway, George and his dad were pulling them in right and
left. Another fellow was fishing close by, but not for cat. He got real
interested though, and finally asked what they were using for bait. Odel
pointed to his bait jar, an old peanut butter jar.

George and his dad came back to the same spot the next day and the guy was
there again. Odel said, "Having any luck?" The guy replied, "Nothing,
Nothing at all, I don't understand.  I'm using exactly the same brand of
peanut butter you were !"

HCF - June 14, 1994

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